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The Reality

  • Personal data is now part of your products and services

  • Privacy can be confusing - but it doesn't need to be

  • There is no perfect model

  • We all need to find our own path

  • Yet you don't need to do this alone - we can help

Welcome to Responsible Data Use!

Data protection and p[rivacy support for your business

  • Are you confused by data protection and privacy babble?

  • Do you worry how to balance your need to use people's data for sales and marketing with their growing expectations of privacy?

  • Are you worried about the possible changes in data protection law? "Here we go again... more confusion!"

  • Do you hate being told, "you need to comply!"

  • Are you wary or afraid of investing in data privacy and protection even though you know you need to?

  • Did you already invest in data protection that doesn't seem to work for you? Or your customers? While your staff are none the wiser about what they should be doing?

  • Do you really know what all that technology you use is actually doing with personal data?

  • Do you have lots of data but you're not sure if you are using it or looking after it properly?

  • Do you worry that if you make a mistake your customers might not trust you with their information again?

  • What excuse do you make when a customer or an agent asks for a privacy notice and you haven't got one?

We are Responsible Data Use

Here are some examples of what we'll do for you:

  • We will always talk to you in plain English. No privacy babble;

  • We will objectively analyse your needs "from scratch". We'll tell you what privacy management systems and strategies will and will not do for you;

  • If you already have data protection and privacy systems in place we will:

    • Evaluate it and help you understand it - quickly;

    • Make it work for you, if possible;

    • Teach your people how to use it;

    • If necessary, we'll modify it or add to it at the lowest cost possible;

  • If you haven't purchased data protection and privacy systems yet - Or if you have only recently started taking this seriously - we'll guide you in doing so. Picking the right systems and methods for your needs.

Why suffer with unproductive data use, unhappy staff, anger, frustration and confusion?

Why risk the prospect of customers who don't trust you?

You already know why this is important

  • Your customers connect and buy using data;

  • Your team connects, operates and deploys their skills using data;

  • Your technology “stack” is connected by data.

Which means you really need to get on top of this!

Tackle the difficulties you face

There is no data protection or privacy management problem that a lack of understanding, a jaded attitude, selfishness or a moment of arrogance can't make just that little bit worse.

You know you need to comply with the regulations, everyone keeps telling you so. Suppliers, advisers, industry peers. They all talk a good game.

But how do you get there? It's easy to say, "you must be compliant".

It is much harder to actually do.

Even privacy professionals can find compliance perplexing, so there's no shame in admitting when you need some help. Then there is the problem that as soon as you say the words, "GDPR" or "compliance" you can watch people's faces glaze over.

Data protection "compliance" is tricky

This is a fluid and changing discipline:

There is uncertainty about the laws and their interpretation appears to vary; technology constantly changes and evolves; even the notion of "compliance" is a fleeting moment in time - you can be compliant today and fall out of compliance tomorrow.

All of which means that compliance is decided on a case by case basis. The answer to whether or not you are "compliant" will often be, "it depends...".

A box ticked during an audit or inspection can be out of date before the ink has dried.

You need to create a constant state of vigilance and readiness.

We found the answer is to take your eye off the notion of, "compliance" for a while and focus instead on the individual.

There is one very good reason for this: You see, to concentrate on compliance with data protection regulations, or to try to meet the demands of the regulator, is to look in the wrong direction. Here's why:

Neither the regulations nor the regulator actually have the personal data your business needs, they can only define how you use data or tell you if you're getting it wrong.

It is individuals who have the choice about where and how their data is used. They decide whether or not you can use it. Which means it makes sense to focus on what they want and what they are legally and reasonably entitled to expect from you. You need to influence them so they can trust you with their information and you can form a relationship with them.

When you do this, your efforts are transformed by being a responsible data user.

This is a better place to be, a benign face of data protection and privacy which builds trust. Making it easier to get people on board and to align with your business than any notion of raw "compliance".

And when you get it right, compliance becomes a happy outcome of what you're doing anyway. Everyone wins.

You can - with Responsible Data Use.

How to become a responsible data user

The next steps - what to expect

  1. You decide you want to know more;

  2. Complete the enquiry form below or use the chat button at the bottom right of this page;

  3. We will contact you soon to arrange a free, no obligation assessment of your situation. We need to understand what you want to achieve and what the problems might be. The initial assessment session typically takes between 30 and 40 minutes but can be longer if needed - after all, we need to know what we're dealing with, both of us;

  4. This is a process we follow to identify whether or not you need our help and whether or not we can help you;

  5. If you do need our help and we think we can help you, then we will provide you with some options: Low cost options to tackle issues yourself using our systems, tools and support plus options to have us do most of the work for you. You choose;

  6. The options start with you joining Responsible Data Use as a Responsible Data User member. This is an easy access, low-cost, monthly membership containing information, tools, insight and techniques to help you deploy responsible data use throughout your business. It might be all you need, especially if you want to do this internally;

  7. If you need to tackle more complex, immediate or challenging data protection and privacy management issues, we can work together to diagnose your situation and give you options about how you might achieve the transformation you need.

Ready to start?

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