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Why nobody reads your privacy policy

why this matters

and what you can do about it

"Nobody reads our privacy policy anyway"

So why bother - is that what you're trying to say?

We hear this a lot.

Lots of people in business who say on the one hand,

"Oh yes it is vital to comply with data protection regulations."

...while on the other hand they have buried their own privacy policy as deep in the bowels of the footer of their website, where nobody has a chance of finding it.

The truth is they have all moved on. They have more important things to worry about. Data protection and privacy?

"Oh yes we take that very seriously"

Yet not seriously enough to actually walk in the footsteps of their customers and try to work out what their dreadful privacy policy means. We know this is a fact. If bosses actually read their own privacy information, there would be fewer rubbish privacy policies on websites and they would be easier to find.

And people's personal data would be less vulnerable and more valuable. That's right - duff privacy information is leaving money on the table every time you try to sell your products and services.

The real problem you face

You can discover the true nature of the real problem you face.

First of all, your privacy information is probably not very good (have you taken a look at yours yet?).

Second, the individuals looking for answers - your customers and employees - the people whose cash you're chasing or whose skills you're having trouble recruiting - are not getting them.

There is a key question on their mind every time you ask for their personal data and you are probably not answering it.

We discuss all this - and what you can do to fix the problem - in this free webinar. Click the button below to register and watch right now!