Your people are the first line of defence when it comes to protecting personal information and respecting privacy. Their awareness is key.

Which means it makes sense to keep their data protection skills up to date.

You can start here!

Online and "In-Person" training

Your membership will give you discounted access to our training services.

These are usually held online with the occasional offline "in-person" training events held on request.

Sometimes it is best for more technical training to be carried out in person and with a group of like-minded individuals from different backgrounds. The learning experience is often enhanced and more memorable.

Current Training Services

  • Data protection and privacy awareness training for your team;

  • Phishing and security awareness monitoring, with training delivered at point of need;

  • Data protection and privacy information - How to present your published privacy information to the people who really need to know;

  • Data Mapping;

  • DPIA Risk Assessments;

  • How to manage Data Subject Access Requests (SARs);

  • The Data Privacy Box for Your Hotel Market.

Online Training you can start today

Quick Start Readiness Programme

  • Gets your business ready to work with personal data

  • Take it one step at a time

  • Sessions delivered weekly to avoid overwhelm

  • Train and implement at your own pace

  • You will discover how to know your data

  • The package to simplify your data protection tasks

The Privacy Notice Improvement Kit

  • Replace those cumbersome privacy policies

  • Be more relevant to the people with the data

  • Understand what individuals really need to know

  • Deliver privacy information quickly and accurately

  • Demonstrate your responsibility for data you collect

The First Seven Keys eBook

  • How to get data privacy working for you

  • Recognise the power of the individual

  • Why leadership - throughout the organisation - matters

  • Get to grips with Trust and put people first

  • Why "compliance" is not your goal

  • Stay on top of your technology suppliers

  • The real risk you need to tackle - hint, it's not the fines

...and online training you can start soon!

The Privacy Box for Your Hotel Market

  • Is personal data safe in your marketing systems today?

  • "Privacy enable" your direct marketing databases

  • Gets data privacy working for your direct marketing

  • Puts your customer front and central

  • No more worries about how consent works

  • Discover how to make privacy your competitive advantage

  • This course will also be available "live and in person" soon!