For HR Departments

The people who make and deliver your products and services to your customers are critical to the success of your business.

You use their personal data in all sorts of ways - are you doing it responsibly?

Responsible Data Use for HR

HR departments get to record the lives of the most valuable resource and business can have - the people who apply their skills, experience and knowledge to help that business service customers, make and deliver products and create profits.

This recording reaches most aspects of the life of an individual. Details shared on CVs and application forms are the foundation of employee records which gather information about performance, deeply personal and confidential conversations, disciplinary interviews, appraisals, training records, trade union membership, health information, bank account details, tax details, family members and so on. The life of the employee is reflected in an HR record.

Which means it makes sense for HR records to be subject to responsible data use. So an HR or recruiting department can demonstrate accountability for the personal data it collects and uses - to those very same people it collects from.

Remember, the skills, insight and know-how of your business walks out the door on shoe leather at the end of every shift (or it might also be said in these days of hybrid working, they log-off at the end of every shift...).

Being able to demonstrate and deploy responsible data use is part of creating the conditions where all those skills want to turn up again for the next shift.

Responsible for what?

HR departments hold a great deal of personal data about prospective, current and ex employees. Here are some examples we have encountered. How is your responsibility for data coping with these?

  • Recruitment

  • Onboarding

  • References

  • Right to work

  • DBS checks

  • Financial checks

  • Medical examinations

  • Payroll

  • Benefits

  • Expenses

  • Work time management

  • Leave and absence

  • Performance evaluation

  • Performance management

  • Reward and recognition

  • Learning and development

  • Occupational health

  • Disciplinary

  • Grievance

  • Whistleblowing

  • Health & Safety

  • Offboarding

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