Data Protection & Privacy Management Services

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I need technical or specialist help with:

Privacy Management Technology:

I want to use privacy management technology to make my compliance and control of all this easier.

  • We work with several privacy management technology providers to cover a wide range of applications, from small business to complex multinational operations. We can help you select the right one for you. You can book a free call to have a chat about how to proceed.

Data Mapping:

I need to know my data

  • We can help you to audit your current data processing and create an inventory of purposes of processing, data assets, data sharing partners and processors.

  • We can help with automated data discovery.

Risk Assessments

I need to understand and mitigate the risks involved

  • We can help you with Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA); Transfer Risk Assessments (TRA); Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA).

  • We can also help you to manage processing and vendor risks by implementing risk evaluations, controls and mitigation methods.

  • We can also help you manage IT risk and 3rd party risk.

Incident & Breach Management

I need to manage and investigate our data protection and privacy incidents - and know how to respond to a data breach

  • We can help you to implement incident recording and management systems.

Vendor Management

I want to demonstrate my role as a data controller and hold our processors and vendors to account

  • We can help with vendor appraisal and management procedures for safe and secure onboarding and offboarding of your data processors/vendor. Working towards positive, safe and effective relationships with them.

  • Vendor due diligence.

Data Subject Access Requests

I want to to have reliable and effective systems for managing DSARs

  • We can configure and install world leading software systems to help you manage DSARs effectively.

Consent Management

I need to know we have the correct lawful reason for processing - especially management of consent!

  • We can advise on, configure and install consent management systems to help you manage and control your relationships with customers and manage their preferences.

  • We can configure and install Cookie information.

Data Governance

I need to ensure I have the right governance in place

  • We can advise on and develop data governance and management procedures and systems.

  • We can create and advise on privacy information, privacy statements, policies and notices.