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  • "Ask my question" - as a Responsible Data User member you can ask questions - and get answers - through the membership portal;

  • Enhanced assessments - Once you are "in" as a member you can take advantage of the enhanced assessments and systems checks available to you. For example in marketing, technology vendors, risk assessments or data mapping;

  • Members-only discounts on our services and training;

  • Exclusive articles not just about data protection and privacy but about how to deploy your new insight in your day to day business operations;

  • Step by step Readiness Programme. For Responsible Data Users who want to take pride in making all this a regular part of their business, as a member you can use our Readiness Programme to build your data protection and privacy capabilities. One step at a time. All the resources are there as part of your monthly membership and we keep them updated;

  • Resources to keep you on the right track with changes in data protection law and the implications for your business. Which means you are properly informed and can make the right decisions for your situation.

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Low cost, fixed price monthly membership package

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