For Technology Providers

Many organisations depend on technology providers for the systems and services they need to be able to serve their own customers.

Nowadays they assurance that their tech vendors help them to uphold privacy rights and data protection principles.

They need to know how your technology business can help them be a responsible data user - and prove it.

Responsible Data Use for Technology

There are broadly two views expressed by technology practitioners about privacy and data protection.

The first view is that data protection regulations are there to provide essential "guardrails" and that the customer should be put in control of what happens to their personal information.

The second view is that data protection regulations are a nuisance and get in the way of what technology is trying to achieve.

In view of the fact that most technology is invented to try to improve the lives of people, the first view is the healthy one. The one where you are more likely to find examples of responsible data use.

Put Technology To Work For You

There is just so much technology you can deploy in your business.

Staying in control of what it actually does is critical. You see, if you are what's known as "the data controller" as far as regulations such as the GDPR are concerned, then you are accountable for whatever these pieces of technology do on your behalf.

This is supposed to be controlled by an agreement between you as the controller and the tech vendor as a data processor.

Have you ever read one?

Did you give them an agreement or did you sign the one they gave you?

It's good to know what these documents say, because they govern your relationship with technology.

For example, your technology suppliers are supposed to implement security measures, both technical and organisational, to support the protection of the rights of your data subjects (your customers and your employees mainly...).

How do you know they actually do?

We've come across many situations where pieces of technology appear to do wonderful things but at the same time ride roughshod over your responsibilities as a data controller.

And when something goes wrong with their security, who will get the blame for that?

If you're not careful, it will be you.

Responsible Data Use can help you make sure your technology suppliers are working on your behalf. Not theirs.

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